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>Funny How Things Happen in Three’s

>First, I read The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls and identified closely with the author and her relationship with her father. Rachel loaned it to me after she came across my essay. Rachel has been so kind in encouraging me to take my story to the next level, but, wow, Ms. Walls set the bar high and covered so many similar themes…I don’t know that I could expound on it now without always worrying that my story sounded too much like hers. That’s when Christian reminded me, “Yeah, but your parents are deaf.” I guess I always take that part for granted. That’s enough of a difference right there, I suppose. Anyway, I highly recommend her touching and remarkable memoir. Thanks, Rachel, for spreading the good word. [Read Rachel’s interview with the author.]

Second, the night I finished reading it, I threw a party at Siberia (see yesterday) and hung out with Tracy who talked about his dad being in jail where he picked up sign language…which of course leads me to tell him how my deaf dad is in jail. Tracy says, “Ha! I thought you were just some girl. Turns out you’re a real woman!” “Huh?” I ask. “I thought you were just a flack! You know just some PR person.” Then he picked gave me a huge bear hug lifting me off the ground.

He offered to help me spring my dad out of the clink to which I replied, “You know what? I kind of like him there. I know where he is. He isn’t hurting anyone and I don’t get 3:00 AM phone calls from random drunk women ‘interpreting’ for him.” He got it; no explanation needed. Feeling a little guility, I sent $50 to my dad’s inmate trust fund the next day (yesterday) for some strawberry ice cream.

Third, today Christian got booked to headline in Houston around Christmas-time. He’s on my dad’s visitor list, so we’ll be going to visit Dad in Hunstville for the first time since his conviction. Gulp. Christian is excited to meet him and I am excited to go and, well, honestly I just can’t wait to be in a prison visiting room. I’ve never really wished more than just regular work for me and Christian and for us to have a secure future. But, I can’t lie: I hope the guards recognize Christian from the tee vee. This Christmas is going to rule!

I wonder how many PR people just need a big old hug?