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>Gambling at a "Christian" Rock Show?

>We had a private poker game in the downstairs lounge at Comix while God’s Pottery taped their sets for Comedy Central Records in the main showroom. So there was a den of sin down below all the “Christian” singing and good cheer. We had a live feed from the stage playing on our flat screens so I didn’t have to miss the show while I gambled. I was ahead for a while but, wow, poker lasts a LONG time. I started losing patience as the beer and hunger sunk in. I was happy to be sitting at a table of the newer players. We were cheering each other on, laughing and yelling while the other table looked so serious and intense.

As for the taping, it was a big success with a crowd of about 200 people. They should have a great recording from it and I look forwar to sharing the final product with you all once it’s online.

Wanna play next time? Send me your email as it’s invitation only.