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General Observation

Humans, in general, have to compensate for their shortcomings. If you are going to be mindblowlingly stupid, you simply shouldn’t be rude. No one will help you. People will avoid you. If you’re butt ugly or incredibly “quirky” looking, you probably have to be extra talented and funny to boot. If you’re smart as a whip and/or devastatingly handsome, chances are you can afford to be a jerk or a bit moronic. In other words, unless you’re an ugly mental retard or a gorgeous savant, we all pretty much strive to average out to the same score so people will sleep with us.

Some examples of how an extremely bad quality can be offset by above average scores for other qualities:

(10 is the best score; L=Looks; S=Smarts; A=Affability; H=Humor)

(a) L = 9, S = 9, A = 1, H = 9; Avg = 7
(b) L = 2, S = 8, A = 9, H = 9; Avg = 7
(c) L = 9, S = 9, A = 9, H = 1; Avg = 7
(d) L = 10, S = 1, A = 8, H = 9; Avg = 7

Based on the above, the following can be assumed:
(a) You’re a good looking, smart, funny A-hole = I’ll sleep with you;
(b) You’re ugly, but very smart, amiable and funny = I’ll sleep with you;
(c) You have zero sense of humor but you’re extremely smart, nice and good looking = I’ll sleep with you;
(d) You’re gorgeous, nice and funny but dumber than a box of rocks = I’ll sleep with you.

Apparently I’m tired…I’ll sleep with anything.