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Girl Before Art

I scored a free ticket to the Matisse/Picasso exhibit at MoMA. There is something completely overwhelming about coming face to face with a piece of art that is reproduced ad nauseum. Because to see it, to come within an inch of it, makes me want to eat it. Cut it up and swallow it and make it mine, but I was still full from the $9.95 brunch feast so it’s still there for you to enjoy.

Then on the walk home, I passed two piles of poop and found fake teeth on the counter at Dunkin Donuts.

Then I watched the Game Show Network as I am wont to do for many consecutive hours in the absence of a marathon of forensic shows. Match Game is the best. They smoke and drink and talk about sex on a game show. Today’s Match Game quote: “Chaquita the flamenco dancer announced, ‘I forgot my castanets, so for tonight’s performance I’ll bang my _______ together.'” Ah, the hilarity that ensued. I wish you were here so we could play together and talk about poop and teeth and art.