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>Good Friday, Indeed!

>On Friday last (Good Friday for you zealots), Jack had me call in, purchase and Fed Ex to his Hampton’s home, his prescriptions for Viagra and Zyrtec. I guess he needs to smell the pu$$y he’s fu*king.

Have you heard the news? Two words: Game ON!Rocked with Gina Gershon was a pretty cool mini-documentary on IFC about her going on tour to promote her indy flick Prey for Rock and Roll, which looks pretty decent. Really, who doesn’t love Gina Gershon? This came on after watching Dinner for Five in which Faizon Love proved that he’s an imbecile. He should suck a very important di*k to get that celluloid burned. Trust me, I speak from experience.

I’m joking, Mother. Not that you read this site, since it doesn’t call you “Grandma”. Which reminds me: After watching the before clips of The Swan contestants, my belief is reinforced that women should never have children. Children should be grown in petri dishes and trained to sew quickly for very little money . . . and fetch me things.