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>Good News / Bad News

>First the good news: My favorite girl and her pal are going home! With their original owner! Yay!

The bad news: I won’t be there to witness the reunion and probably won’t ever see or hear from them again. I can live with that.

I received a call from Kate, a fellow volunteer. She and Lo were leaving for home today and were kind enough to give me an update after I commented on their blog to take care of her in my absence. They rock. [Read their blog and see their pics.]

I am so very tired today. I didn’t sleep much last night. I tossed and turned and woke up every ten minutes worrying about animals, dreaming of them and wondering if I will actually get Maybelline.

I’ve had the same dream three times now…the first time was on my last night in Louisiana. I woke up from the dream and went to the bathroom. After falling back to sleep, the dream resumed right where it left off! In all of them, we have evacuated the animals to Oklahoma only to have tornados coming towards our building. I scoop up the Great Dane and carry him to safety. I cover him with my body to protect him but he doesn’t like me keeping him pinned down and gives me a low growl. I try to explain that the situation is only temporary and that he is better off with me trapping him than if he were out loose but he struggles to break free. Then I wake up.

I don’t like that dream.