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>Gulp! What Have I Gotten Myself Into?

>I knew this would happen, just not this soon. I feel overwhelmed and inadequate at writing even a *proposal* let alone a whole book.

Anyone have a suggestion on a title?

11:49 PM EDIT: Okay, I’m better. It was a stressful, very long day that I’m glad is winding up. I’m not so freaked out about my proposal since my last entry, thankfully. But I’d still welcome any suggestions for a title. I’m kind of stuck on thinking of plays on words having to do with sign language since that really sets my story apart from other memoirs. Whatever. I’m sick of me so I can imagine how YOU feel.

I’m tired and busy and August SUCKS for comedy. I wish I were in LA with Christian with all our friends who seem to be moving out there in droves. He’s there doing an important showcase as I type this and I’m just wasting time for that three hour time difference to catch up so I can at least talk to him before I fall asleep. He’ll be home Saturday so we can spend Sunday, our one year wedding anniversary, together in the park with Paquita. The way things should be more often.

Yeah, I’m in dour mood. Even feeling better about my proposal, I’m still dour and fed up.

How are YOU by the way?