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>The show has officially wrapped. There was at least one reviewer in the audience and a casting agent from Warner Brothers, too.

Frank Marciuliano (Francesco’s father) was there. Frank is an award-winning graphic designer, one-time pornography T-shirt illustrator and self-described Renaissance Man. He gave me a t-shirt that reads “Tits” on the front.

Frank is also the “Dad” in the outlandish and true transcripts written by Francesco and entitled “Conversations With Dad” on (Read a conversation).

By the way, China 1 is a terrific spot for a private party. The lounge is super sexy and they have a fish tank with a scary looking eel in it. The owner, Andrew, is a dream to deal with. That’s saying something in New York. Venues around here are notorious for being difficult and disorganized meanies.

After the wrap party, Christian & I were on the hunt for a steakhouse. I had the biggest hankering for juicy red meat. During our stroll, we passed Betsey Johnson. She and I both smiled and said hello but didn’t stop. She’s so cute. Christian knew who she was which made me raise my eyebrows in suspicion. Why would he know a fashion designer for women? Hmm…

We strolled in to Steak Frites in Union Square. Their tuna tartare was out of this world, our waiter was super friendly, my filet mignon was soft and tasty and everything was pretty reasonably priced. (Two glasses of wine, one beer, two entrees, one side, one appetizer and dessert all for $125 after tax and tip.)

Photos will be posted later.