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>"Hannibal Rising" Movie Premiere

>Last night’s premiere of Hannibal Rising was interesting. Harvey Weinstein gave me a nice little wave beforehand. Neat.

There were some bonafide freaks in the audience. They could have been extras in an insane asylum scene had there been one in this prequel to the Red Dragon / Silence of the Lambs franchise. The movie wasn’t half bad. I guess because I hadn’t heard much buzz about it, I expected it to be embarrassing to run into folks at the after party. But it was pretty decent. The lead is a newcomer and was definitely the weakest link. It also was about 15 or 20 minutes too long. But I like me some blood and guts with a hearty dose of revenge and psychotic behavior.

The after party was at Providence around Broadway and 57th Street. I had never heard of it before and always enjoy finding new party spots. It’s a really great space if you’re looking to hold a private party or reception. Gong Li translated probably means “High Maintenance”. She seemed a bit diva-like by having a hand clearing a path for her to walk. No joke. It was a bit much considering it was a private party with her peers and not even crowded but whatever. Christian defended her by saying it’s probably some guy with a silly job who overacts to make himself seem needed. He’s probably right.

Christian was sporting a brand spanking new haircut and we had walked a couple of blocks in the freezing cold. As a result, his red carpet pictures aren’t the best but he still looks great IMO. You can check out the other pics at or

Free vodka gimlets at night before early morning radio promotions = UGH.