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>Happy Anniversary to Us!

>Four years ago today, Christian & I had our first date at Cafe Bar in Astoria. We’ve always treated ourselves to a schamncy dinner in the city where I present a scrapbook of our last year. This time we’re sticking to Queens and heading over to The Brick Cafe near our old apartments. We haven’t eaten there since moving in together and we want to pay homage to our early days as a couple together. With my PR obligations to Comix and Christian, I haven’t even *thought* about assembling a scrapbook which really bums me out. I hope to find some time in the next week or two to get it together. Looking at our first one I am astounded at how far we’ve come as a couple and individually.

From my 2005 blog entry marking our two year anniversary:

Having an anniversary that falls during a season of new beginnings affords us the opportunity to look back at the year together, acknowledge our amazing milestones and fun times as well as set goals for the future 12 months. We did this last year, and I’m pretty certain that one of Christian’s goals was to have his own 1/2 hour special (CHECK!) and one of mine was to start my own production and PR company (CHECK!). I can’t wait to see if this year’s goals are checked off with similar success. Stay tuned for January 15, 2006, for an update.

I’m pretty sure our 2006 were met and surpassed by miles. Time to aim really high for 2007!