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>Happy Birthday to Christian!

>I got him the Threadless Twelve Month Club and five different Aromapharmacy candles. Plus the four new pillows we ordered after discovering them during brief weekend stay at the Biltmore in Providence arrived yesterday. Seriously, these Biltmore pillows ruled so much that we tore off the covers to try to find a brand, ingredient list, something, anything that would tell us how to get such awesome Head Candy for our own home. Luckily the front desk had some contact info for us — apparently they get asked about their pillows alot.

So go to tell them you want the Biltmore pillows and you’ll get them in a week. We got four Queen sized pillows plus shipping for only $27 each. @&$#*)!

I could hardly wait to light our Valiumello candle and go to bed. I even skipped a Sopranos cast party so I would be sober enough to fully enjoy the experience. Part of that R&R I’m demanding to give myself and part of why I haven’t written much. But this week I did go to the launch party for the new Onion News Network, watched the Moth GrandSLAM, trained a new assistant, and had a pow-wow dinner with Christian’s management team, so I’m not exactly a home body.