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>Happy Monday!

>Christian and I made a promise to start spending Sundays together with NO work. He stopped booking spots around the city on Sundays and I vowed to not work all day in my office. While I feel a little behind today, I feel refreshed and excited for the week.

I played Guitar Hero, we brunched, played video games at Sunswick where we ran into some friends and shared a drink. We watched two weeks of “Dexter” and generally just lounged. It was nice.

Oh, and Saturday night I told a story on the “Drink at Work” show. I didn’t use a cheat sheet and kept it down to about seven minutes. Now, if I can cut it down to five minutes I will give the Moth storytelling series a shot. It’s tomorrow night, though, and Van Halen is in town. I will be racing across the city but I don’t want to miss either event. We’ll play it by ear.

Now, back to work. Liam McEneaney is still trekking across Europe so we’re filling in as producer of his show “Tell Your Friends” at Lolita Bar. Come out tonight to see this amazing lineup Molly and I put together for only $5 cover:

Christian Finnegan (Best Week Ever)
Brian Baumley (Stand Up NY)
Leo Allen (Comedy Central Presents, Writer for SNL)
Tom Shillue (Comedy Central Presents)
And the house band Brief View of the Hudson

Lolita Bar
266 Broome St. at Allen
212.966.7223 – $5.00 Cover