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>I’m back home from our Nation’s Capitol where we rang in the new year on stage at the DC Improv, the most awesome comedy club in the country. Christian was the headliner for all the sold out shows and they already booked him for a return appearance in August. It will be nice to be there in warm weather for once and have more time to hang out with the greatest staff.

I am so happy I will be home for longer than one day before my next scheduled trip to L.A. where we’ll be living for about two and a half months for work stuff. I might just be a cross-country commuter for a bit instead, depending on when / how we do the whole betrothing thing, what kind of Ballyhoo work I have and how a few ideas I have pan out.

I was sad to read about the fires in Seminole County, Oklahoma where much of my dad’s family resides including my Grandma Crews who lives on a big old farm that has, as of this writing, remained unscorched. The church where her husband, my dear old Grandpa Crews, had funeral services and where one aunt and my dad’s twin brother were married was sadly one of the casualites. My cousin Wil Fry has taken some great photographs for the Seminole Producer, including this terribly sad one of a pregnant goat. Pray for rain!

A few goals for 2006 I’d like to send out to the universe:
— Get serious about working on my Untitled Jailed Deaf Dad Project.
— Develop an updated marketing plan for Christian which should include promoting a yet-to-be-produced CD.
— Budget a long range self-employed financial plan complete with health insurance.

Minor goals are things like:
— Visit more NYC museums. I go to all of them out of town but only visit the AMMI in my own city!
— Use my Ipod. I got one for free that I used maybe 20 times in the last three years and just got a Nano for Xmas that is too cute to let collect dust.
— Learn how to transfer the video of my Sony Handycam onto my Windows-based computer and edit / create movies for my clients’ websites.