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>Hate Mail O’ the Day

>From: Pete Marchesi []
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Sent: Tuesday, December 18, 2007 1:05 AM
Subject: Hi

Hi you asshole. You like playing games with people. You like saying things that hurt people. I like it. I think you should go to Hell. You’d enjoy a place like that. All burning and horrible. I hope you like it. I will sure be happy that you are there. After all, life is so short. And you will be there soon.

Christian… What are you doing? How dare you insult? You don’t know these people. Where do you get this stuff? Is the Devil in you? He must be. He must be really enjoying himself. And you don’t mind.

Gee whiz. What do I say? Nothing can stop you.

I wish you get into a horrible accident and your legs are crushed. I hope you feel pain like you have never felt before. Maybe that will wake you up. To whatever it is that you believe in. Just another fuck.