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Hello. My Name is Kambri, and I’m a Workaholic.

When I’m not browsing the net for girly beard pics of Dave Navarro and sparring with Jack, I’m busy building my new company and working for my first official client.

I’m five days early in delivering her new website because of her last minute trip for a very important meeting in LA. I wish her the best of luck and so should you.

As if that weren’t enough, I’ve premiered the official Ballyhoo Promotions website (what y’all saw before was the temporary installment). I thought it would take me a hell of a lot longer than it did, but I think I’m just getting more efficient and certainly more driven. I think it was the words of encouragement from Dad aka Inmate #1*3*9**:

“How about you have doing with Ballyhoo? Will it get success?”

Yes it will, Dad, yes it will. After all, that subscription to Maxim I sent you doesn’t pay for itself!