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Here is a Cliffs Notes Synopsis of Sweet Home Alabama:

The plot centers around a small town girl who moves to the Big Apple and snags a handsome, rich & famous guy. She returns to her roots, in Alabama of course, to request a divorce from her high school sweetheart. It’s then that she rediscovers her love for him and her hometown. Do I give too much away? Oh, that’s right, that’s the preview! Even the tagline says too much: “Sometimes What You’re Looking For Is Right Where You Left It.”

It’s not just movie trailers giving up the goods, reviewers jumped on the bandwagon long ago. Gene Shallot was kind enough to save me time and just told me the ending of Cast Away during his review on NBC. Gene didn’t just give a vague idea of the ending, no. Gene told me the exact details of the ending. So detailed, he should have just showed the damn clip!

I still watched Cast Away. I will still see Sweet Home Alabama. I suppose, like life, the joy is found in the journey.