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>Here’s the Scoop, Kids

>Today Show tomorrow at 8:09 AM. I’ll record it and post it per usual –assuming it isn’t cut and they use Christian — but in case you actually wake up and are in front of the tube that early, well, bless your heart, you’ll get it twice. I thank you for your faith and early-riser-ed-ness.

I actually might be awake with you tomorrow as I have to shower and shave for my Comedy Central pow wow regaring Christian’s stand up comedy CD. Once that meeting is in the bag, I’ll have a better idea of the focus of the focus group on which I’m focusing. Thanks to everyone who emailed me with their support or flagrant interest in a free non-committal gift for their annoying step-family member. The scoop is forthcoming.

My very important opinion on the three sitcom pilots that may never make it to Prime Time will have to wait. Someday I’ll make time to write a post about them and the A-holes on MySpace and the decline of civilization. Until then Mama needs her ZZZzzzs and a pint of pinot to get her there.