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Hey, brother, can you spare a dime?

Moving in New York is a strange beast. After my first month’s rent, security deposit and broker fee, I managed to drop $4,500. Ouch. How am I gonna afford all those little things I need like dishes and a toilet bowl brush? Walking from my old apartment to my new apartment with arms full of what makes up my life, I spotted a tiny dead mouse splayed out and forever stuck to a glue trap. Someone had tossed his lifeless body and paper casket out on the sidewalk for all the world to see. Heartless asshole. Marc said, “It’’s vermin.”

“Yes,” I replied, “But what a horrible way to die: starving to death; stuck in glue.”

“He probably died of exhaustion,” Marc assured me
“Oh, like that’s better.” I wailed.

“It’s a mouse. If you had as much compassion for humanity as you do for vermin, the world would be a better place.”

He’s right. I need to go get me some of that, ummm…how you say, compassion.