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>Hey, I Made the Court TV Newsletter!

>My friend S (not sure if she wants her identity revealed) writes for Court TV. She decided to try something new in the newsletter and used me as her guinea pig. So here it is, as it appeared in my inbox today.

Exclusive interview with someone just like you — a real Court TV fan!
With Thanksgiving coming up, we thought it was time to give thanks to YOU, our viewers. Here then is an interview with one of you — a loyal Court TV watcher who is also an avid reader of this newsletter. Meet Kambri Crews, who owns and operates Ballyhoo Promotions []. By her own admission, she spends her days representing stand-up comedians, actors and writers, and her nights glued to Court TV!

Kambri Crews, Court TV fan

How long have you been watching Court TV?
I have been watching “Forensic Files” for as long as I can remember — longer than I can remember, actually! What I like is that they use real photographs and documented evidence. The interviews are really thorough and so real. When it comes to investigation shows, the more real the better.

Is there any episode of “Forensic Files”that really stuck with you?
So many…let’s see… oh yeah! I loved the one with the guy from Mensa who was really into interactive murder mysteries; because he was so arrogant about his brains, he thought he’d never be caught. In it, there was this amazing story of the woman who had gone undercover for years to befriend him…and catch him.

How does your boyfriend feel about your Court TV habit?
Actually, sometimes my boyfriend wonders if I have a sick obsession with crimes of passion! Before I was 10 years old, I was a big Agatha Christie fan, and before that, a Nancy Drew fan! I guess I’ve always liked word games, puzzles and things that require clues. I think the puzzle-solving aspect of Court TV hooks me and satisfies that craving.

Do you have any pets?
Of course! I have a gorgeous Chihuahua I adore named Paquita and a parakeet named Larry Bird. The parakeet barks like Paquita, and he can do a catcall…pretty impressive for a parakeet, right? And I just got a bunny rabbit that is a rescue from Hurricane Katrina.

OK, ready for the lightning round?

Favorite food?
Shiraz and Pinot Girgio… that’s a food, right? But seriously, I like a big steak. Mexican food too.

Your sign?
Gemini/Cancer cusp.

Favorite color?

Favorite music?
My guilty pleasure: 80s heavy metal.

Favorite perfume?
Sugar by Fresh or Serendipitous from Serendipity 3.

Any skills you have that we might not know about?
I’m fluent in sign language because my parents, aunts, uncles and grandparents are all deaf.

Court TV obsessed.