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>Hey, What Are You Doing This Weekend?

>As I mentioned, my main squeeze Christian Finnegan is headlining at Gotham Comedy Club this weekend and wants you to go. What I didn’t tell you is that much of that material will be on a DVD to be released in Spring 2009. The DVD taping will take place October 25th in Philadelphia at the Trocadero Theatre in front of two separate audiences. If you’re in the Philly area and would like to attend, email me and I’ll save you a seat.

I hope my agent gets to see Christian perform since he does some material about My Jailed Deaf Dad and me. After reading my writing for a while, it would be a kick for her to hear about it from someone else’s perspective. She is flying in from Chicago to take me on gobs of meetings with publishers next week. Booked solid for two (maybe three) days, I am. How fun is that? I guess I just need to prove I don’t have three eyes and a speech impediment that might stop me from going on a media tour. I’m sure we’ll review platform stuff which I could talk about till the cows come home. Who knew my marketing days on the Cuervo Nation would actually be useful? When I was doing shots out of a water ski, I sure didn’t.

Umm, what else? A couple of my writer friends from The Daily Show and Colbert Report have agreed to give me blurbs and –brace yourself– AC/DC has a new album coming out. Let there be rock!