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Highlights from this past weekend:

— Vodka gimlets and strange coincidences.
— Leather seats warmed by the spring sun.
— Submitting the winning Oscar ballot…again.
— Guacamole with Sheila an hour before she flew to Hong Kong and having her leave me a 10 minute tipsy voice mail minutes later from the airport describing every person in the room.
— Special invitation and free tickets (Thanks Mr. Producer!) to Betty Rules and the “after party” with said Mr. Producer and the rockin’ cast.
— The author of a best selling children’s book wanting to submit the stage version to the 4: Your Consideration Art Series.
— Our Oscar party and dressing up in black & white pinstripe sequin pants that made my ass look (and feel) Dyn-O-Mite.
— Hours and hours of diligent work on a special gift for a special boy’s upcoming 30th birthday.
— Watching Paquita try to decide whether to play with her ball or stolen panties.