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>Hodge Podge

>Spiderman 3 premieres tonight in Astoria at our local movie theater just a block from our apartment. Such excitement for the street usually deserted during weekday mornings. Paquita couldn’t stand all the loud clanging of the metal barricades being unloaded. She was so scared, I had to carry her for most of the way home from the deli. It’s her only walk of the day so I always feel bad for her when she doesn’t have a good one. If only she knew she took a dump right where a red carpet will lie.

Tomorrow at Comix we’re producing the very first ever online interactive talk show held in front of a live studio audience. Very cool. Fran Drescher is our first guest and we’re psyched. Come on out if you’re so inclined to participate.

Here are a few photos from the Onion event posted on Flickr. Not bad for a regular camera. Our professional shots probably won’t get posted on there. Not out of exclusivity…just who has the time?! Guess it’s time for an additional assistant.