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>Holiday Gift Guide – I Love the 80s Style

>For anyone on your gift list aged 25 to 40 (give or take?) who was ever known to play an arcade game, I recommend the Namco 5-in-1 Classic Arcade Game. Travel back to the ’80s and enjoy Pac-Man, Rally X, Dig Dug, Galaxian, and Bosconian. Okay, I have no idea what the last game is, but the other four RULE!


* Plug it in and play.

* Hyper affordable ($15.77 plust tax & shipping) due to Wal-Mart having employed lots of illegal slave labor. Hey, whatever it takes to entertain me and my friends at a low, low cost.

* High nostalgia factor. Who in that age group doesn’t remember playing a round of Pac-Man at least once in their lifetime? Don’t play coy. Even I did, and I lived in shed.

* Endless hours of ignoring your daily duties like cleaning, interracting with humans, eating.


* No pause feature.

* The entire CPU is contained in its body. That means for bulky joystick action. I never thought I had arthritis till I reached round 9 of my 100th game of Dig Dug.

* 4 AA batteries required. At the rate I’m playing, Duracell will see a spike in sales in the Astoria, NY region. Time to invest in rechargeables.


Use the potty, grab your drink with a long sippy straw, get cozy and play till your recurring carpal tunnel syndrome rears its ugly head.

Video Clip Bonus

I know it’s untimely, but behold the wonder that is Anna Nicole Smith (click to play video):


At the end of the clip, I do believe she is watching her boobs bounce whilst she claps. They still astound even her. A wise investment.