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>Holy Smokes!

>What a gorgeous day! And I gave 20 free tickets to see Burleigh Grime$ and had a margarita for lunch at Baby Bo’s to celebrate it all before my Miami trip. I and 11 other friends will see Burleigh Grime$ for free next Wednesday, so I hope the 20 other peeps like it or else our evening will be spoiled.

I will be performing at the June 26th Drink at Work show at Siberia as will Christian. Cool! We’re on the same line-up! We’ll probably do a little joint piece that we performed once at PS NBC’s “Sob Stories” and was a hit. We haven’t had a chance to do it again, though, and this show will be the prime venue for it. So save yet another date!

As anticipated, Christian is spotlighted on MySpace’s comedy page. They emailed me a special logo to use on our press materials and shipped a bunch of stickers and cards to the club for me to distribute. Nice. Plus we are to plug the endorsement during our big radio / tv press gauntlet. They don’t mess around over at headquarters.

I guess that’s why they’re gamillionnaires and all over the news, huh?