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>Holy Smokes!

>So much work and press going on and the warm weather I hardly know where the hell I am some days! Did anyone see Time Out NY’s Holiday Gift Guide? Comix’s new gift certificate was in the Comedy section! Awesome.

Okay, yesterday Kiki Melendez blew into town and started the blitz to promote “Hot Tamales LIVE!” at Comix. Basically it is a variety showcase she co-created and produced with Eva Longoria out in LA that she is bringing to NYC for your viewing pleasure.

We’ve got lots of press for Kiki, and Eva was kind enough to help spread the word despite her not being on any of the line ups. BUT, there are surprise celebrity guests for each show along with some fanTAStic comedians you know and love and Kiki is just the best, most enthusiastic woman ever.

Yesterday I booked her a spot on MTV, today she was on Telemundo, tomorrow I’ve got her on WNEW (listen live at 7:10 AM) and there should be a feature in the NY Daily News, Thursday Kiki is on Univision and *maybe* Radiochick on 92.3 while Eva will be on La Mega. Friday’s show will be filmed for the tee vee and after Saturday’s show we’ve got a Brazilian rum company throwing a big soiree. A bunch of forums and bloggers have buzzed about it and…whew…zowie…my head is spinning. How am I supposed to play Galaga?!?!

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