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>I once gave a little boy on the subway my portable playstation after seeing him ogle it jealously during my commute. As he & his mom were stepping of the train, I slipped it to him. His mom was stunned and looked at me with eyes that read, “Are you sure?” I nodded and said, “Take it.” The doors slid shut and they stood paralyzed on the platform watching me ride away. The next day I got the offer to work for Jack with a considerable pay raise. Coincidence? Maybe. But I prefer to believe in “what comes around goes around” and “paying it forward.”

So, when Colin Quinn bailed the weekend before the event and I was unable to get another headliner at the last minute, I was sure that good karma would win out. It did in the form of amazing raffle prizes donated at the last minute by a variety of people and companies. They really came through. I hope they got something good in return.

Newly energized, I focused on my next project: a trip to Louisiana to volunteer at the animal shelter. My friend Keith agreed to take the trek with me and we began the planning. A few phone calls placed to my doctor (for Hep A and tetanus shots), airlines, hotels, etc., I checked my email. There was a message: An essay I wrote was selected to be published in Fresh Yarn. I’m stunned. I submitted it at the urging of Rachel Kramer Bussel, so I owe a big thank you to her. I also just read her entry where she mentions my good news and she talks about “paying it forward.” I can’t wait to hear what good thing comes her way our of her kindness and support.

Looking at the bios of all the past contributors is an intimidating and humbling process. They are all accomplished writers and experts at their craft. My bio is going to start, “Kambri Crews is not a writer,” just so they’ll go easy on me. I’m thrilled, but it will be a while before it’s published. I’ll keep you posted.