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>Houston Bound

>I just called the prison to make sure my jailed deaf dad isn’t in solitary and can receive visitors. It’s been a few weeks since I’ve heard from him so I thought I had better check and save myself the trouble / disappointment of driving two hours each way from Houston to Hunstville to be told I can’t see him.

I’m going to smuggle in a pack of gum and Dairy Queen cheeseburger but he’s gonna have to wait on the glasses, especially if he wants his USA Today subscription renewed. I’m going to ask him to write me a letter to read at our “wedding” giving his blessing and whatever else he wants to say. I have a back up letter to read just in case he doesn’t come through for me where he said to Christian, “I guess you are good enough…” Yes, Dad is right, Christian is good enough. He is on the better side of the bars and bullet proof glass.

My criteria are high.