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>Houston Press Interview

>Christian’s gig at the Houston Laff Stop is coming up and I’ve been putting on the full court press for publicity. So far, we’ve got one radio spot (KRBE), one television spot (Fox) and this interview in the Houston Press:

Best Comic Ever
A VH1 pop guru goes to Houston – and to jail
by Steven Devadanam

For comedians, hitting the road is a chance to hone your material. It’s a chance to gain valuable exposure to hungry audiences. And for Christian Finnegan, it’s a chance to meet your girlfriend’s father — who’s in jail. “I’m really curious to see how it’s going to go,” says Finnegan, who’ll visit his sweetie’s pop in the Huntsville penitentiary before hitting the Laff Stop today. “I want to impress him — I mean, the dude’s in prison, but he’s still your girlfriend’s dad. Maybe I’ll sneak a nail file inside a cake or spit in the guard’s face to get some cred.”

[Read the full interview here.]