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How to Kick People!

I got a pretty nice Wednesday evening group plan together. After drinks and dinner with Tex in the City, Keith, Ken, Nancy and I headed over to meet Heidi and see Bob Powers and Todd Levin in their reading lesson entitled How to Kick People.

Do I, bearer of minuscule nads, have the audacity to critique a $6 show put on by two people I will see again in a social setting? Yes. Because it’s good.**

If it were horrible, then I wouldn’t bother, because why give it a critique with the hope it will get better? Shit, gussied up in Sunday best, is still shit. How to Kick People, however, is just like the nerdy heroine in a teen romance flick, it’s charming and engaging and makes you want to love it. You just wish it lost its glasses and put on a little rouge. Yes, rouge in the latest hue called Slightly Cleaner Execution.

The writing, is as I expected. It was provocative, intermittently uncomfortable and at all times entertaining. This writing, after all, is what I stayed in the City after a long day’s work to hear. Todd & Bob do not disappoint. They are worth foregoing that hour of whatever awaits you at home. Do see it next Wednesday, November 19th at 8:00pm at the People’s Improv Theater. It’s only $6 and so close to Penn Station that you’ll be home faster than a jackrabbit running from a twister.

**And they don’t read my website; so what’s the worry if some two-bit producer / PR guru loves their show but wants it to look purty?

Seriously, go see it.