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>I Didn’t Do It, I Swear!

>I just got this call from my receptionist, “Kambri, the police are here to see you. Can you come up to the front, please?”

Now, even though I knew deep down it was with regard to a case I’m working on, I still had a flurry of thoughts of what I could possibly have done wrong.

“That was a dream wasn’t it? I didn’t really chop up a body, wrap it in trashbags and bury it under my hardwood floor under my bed, right?”

They were here for the case. The body is still safely hidden away. And, anyway, I watch way too much Autopsy and Forensic Files to be so stupid as to keep a body in my home no matter how well wrapped and buried it is.

Or to chop one up. You know how much blood that would generate?!?