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>I Dreamed a Dream in Time Gone By

>I had lunch with pals from my old boss Jack‘s office.

They asked about my part-time gig. It isn’t giving me nearly the connections I had hoped, I told them. It did give me a good anecdote, however, when the exVPoftheUSA caught me looking at my friend Rachel‘s Lusty Lady site and quickly diverted his eyes. Flesh was on display, I tried my best to quickly close my browser and cubicle life carried forward untainted by a potential harrassment suit.

Besides the boring connections I am getting, I don’t get free postage OR color copies. WTF? What’s the point in working in an office if you can’t take advantage of their corporate account and high tech machinery?!?! Instead, they have firewalls (Again, WTF? Firewalls? You know I can get around them, right? You’re just wasting my time here, IT dude), no postage meter, no color copier and, on the off chance that I wanted to be legit, no personal charge accounts. Phooey.

I’m there so little and I do even less for them than I would, say, watching paint dry, all for free benefits and some cash in the pocket. (I do ALL my Ballyhoo work there — no secret, though — that’s how little I do for “them”.) I’m hoping, beginning with posts like these, I can get fired and write a book about how I got fired for writing about boring connections and not being able to steal from my employer who includes an exVPoftheUSofA who saw my friend nekkid on the internets.

When hope was high and life worth living.