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>I Love the AMMI

>Capote is a beautifully told biopic starring the Phillip Seymour Hoffman. The movie centers around Capote’s obsession with a brutal crime in a small Kansas town. He devotes four years of his life researching the case, interviewing everyone involve and befriending the killers in order to get his ultimate book In Cold Blood. I started feeling immensely guilty when Capote began willfully withholding information from the killers, manipulating them to illicit more stories and betraying their trust.

“Oh my God,” I thought, “I’m an infinitely less talented Truman Capote and I’m doing the same thing to my Jailed Deaf Dad for our joint writing project.” I squirmed uncomfortably and wondered if my friends were thinking the same thing. Afterwards, Christian reassured me that there was a big difference, “It’s your life.”

But I still worry that my dad doesn’t fully comprehend that, although I support him in jail and love him dearly, I don’t 100% believe his side of the story and am 100% positive about the facts of his prior attempted murder (I witnessed it fergodsake) for which he got off scott free and for which he makes no admissions or apologies.

But I digress…
The director Bennett Miller is a schockingly young looking guy and cracked me up in his subtle disdain for the moderator, the same moderator who annoyed me and Glenn Close. I guess I expected an old coot to have directed it. Miller has already won a slew of awards and the film is nominated for a gamillion more. Well deserved nominations, in my opinion. I hope to read the book and am definitely going to watch the movie version of In Cold Blood starring Robert Blake.

Christian thoroughly enjoyed it as did my friends Scott & Brian who came to Astoria from the Village for one of our sadly infrequent double dates. Rachel & Chuck were there, too, and they also raved about the movie. So there’s six thumbs up…is that enough to convince you?

Seeing Munich in two hours.