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>IOU better recaps but, in the meantime, here are Cliff’s notes:

Golden Trailer Awards = Fun. Knew a red carpet photographer but still haven’t managed to procure pics. Weird. Got free airline tickets for the effort plus a gift bag that was almost all plastic surgery related. Hollywood.

Reading at the PIT Presents the Pendulum = Awesome. For the first time, I felt like I had some command on the stage and with the story. Freedom to improvise and feel it out based on the crowd’s reaction. Invigorating and inspiring. Now if I could only find the time / shows / spaces to perform more than once every six months. Time.

Caroline Rhea at Comix = tons of press related work. Radio and TV every single morning and afternoon starting in about 5 hours. Bedtime.

Tune in to Hot 97 tomorrow at 8:10 AM to hear Caroline live in studo on Miss Jones in the Morning.