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>I slept twelve hours last night.

>Every night this last week I had gotten maybe 5 hours of sleep. It culminated yesterday when I had to wake up at 6:00 AM after only four hours of sleep to go pick up Finesse Mitchell for radio. We hit the “Miss Jones in the Morning” on Hot 97 where he stayed on air for the whole two hours left of the show. The Sugar Hill Gang was there and things got heated during a phoner with a guy who sued them for copyright infringement and what not. Oh, and Morgan Freeman called in.

Finesse and I had much to chat about during our long day together and we actualy have a friend in common in Bryan from his SNL days. He and Bryan actually used to share an office, which I didn’t know. We wrapped his last interview at 7:30 at the club and I gladly headed home.

Finesse is at Comix for two more shows tonight and one on Sunday. Save $10 on your ticket with the code “FINESPACE” when you visit or call the box office at 212.524.2500. Also, there are no ticket processing fees for purchasing them in advance online at

Since I woke up about five minutes ago, I don’t have much time to fart around before meeting Rachel for brunch. I miss Rachel and so many of my other friends I haven’t gotten to see since I took on Comix as a client. She’s generously offering to donate books to the three little girls we “adopted” for the holidays. I know she already did something similarly charitable for another child here in NYC so it just shows me what I already knew: She has a big, soft heart.

After brunch, I’m going shopping for the family and to find some mini decorations for our mini tree. Yay! I can’t believe how having a tree — even such a mini one — is making me giddy.

Still tired.