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>I Want to Be a Producer


Molly and I couldn’t be happier about the results over the past two nights. She & I produced “Live Wire” (next show Oct 15 with host Rob Paravonian) which was amazing. It was EXACTLY as we hoped: an alternative comedy show at an affordable price with a relaxed vibe but in a beautiful club instead of a rundown dump with rats (Under St. Marks) or grody to the max bathrooms (every alternative comedy room in the City). Check out Christian’s “We Are the World” sketch here — close ups on his face would have made the video funnier but trust me, it was a riot.

One audience member wrote to say, “Thank you for such a great show last night! I was just so impressed with the energy and the interaction with the audience. Downtown feel at a beautiful club–Comix really offers the best of both worlds”

And our last minute host Joe DeRosa said, “It was the perfect East Village show but in a nice club.”

That’s what we aimed for and they “got it.” Awesome.

Then last night was DJ Cipha Sounds hosting comedians. It was a packed house and seamlessly run show. On top of that Cipha, a totally rich and famous dude, is an absolute dream to work with as is his manager Jamal and the rest of the crew. We can’t wait till next month to see them again so we’re meeting next week. They rule.