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>I was deeee-runk last night.

>White wine goes straight to my head! I saw about 20 minutes of the Heidi Fleiss movie Call Me . . . which received negative four stars in this NY Post review. Quite possibly the worst score in history and extremely accurate from what I could tell.

Gloria Steinem, Where are You?
This article in New York Magazine is an interesting read on the current state of comedy in New York. Although Christian wasn’t interviewed, there are several mentions of Tough Crowd — the same show for which he writes and I never watch.

Here’s an excerpt:

Norton’s a guest tonight, along with with the liberal comic Marc Maron and a six-foot-five former football player named Patrice O’Neal, who can be found in the greenroom before the taping yelling, “No don’t mean fucking no! If it does, I’ve raped a lot of women.”

Next time I see him, I’ll report back to you what “No” sounds like coming out of a 6’5″ tub of shit as I break a broomstick off in his ass.

Seriously, if a remark like Patrice’s doesn’t make you want to shove a broomstick up his ass, I don’t know what will.

Whew! All better!