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I Wonder

If a deaf schizophrenic still hears voices.

If anyone else kept the shoes they walked home in on 9/11.

Or the shoes they walked in for Blackout of ’04.

Why it took my passport only 1.5 weeks to arrive. Aren’t we in post-9/11? A white girl from TX isn’t scary as all git out?How I never opened the drawer that held the jeans I’m now wearing in over two years. These jeans are phenomenal.Why Maybelline, the bunny I rescued while in NOLA after Katrina, doesn’t like coming out of her cage anymore. Sideways sad face.

What story I should tell on Tuesday at SpeakEasy Stories.
If anyone else’s rent did not go up. Ours stayed the same for the first time in four years.
Why I’m so attached to clothes I haven’t worn in ages.
Where all these pens came from.