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>I’m a Terrible Fan

>We already threw in the towel on TPIR. We did get in line and got our pass to go inside but it would have been for the second taping. We’re tired and cold and have some *exciting* phone calls we’re expecting today. So instead of coming on down, I’m going to work and devour all the news about murder suspect Darryl Littlejohn.

I’m only mildly disappointed (I was on the sound stage before, so at least I’ve seen the set) and am impressed with the stamina these fans must have. I guess if I had never been to LA before and thought I wouldn’t be back again and/or had never attended a television show before, I might endure the process. Bless their hearts. If you ever plan on going, be prepared to get in line the night before. No joke. Best bet? Get yourself a really large group so you can reserve tickets.