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>I’m Exhausted

>I’m spent. Emotionally and physically spent. It was a GREAT time spent with Christian. One night we hung out with Stacey (pre-order her book!) and an old family friend. My mom used to babysit him and he and his sister used to babysit me. Then there was the mini-reunion of me and a few friends from Elementary/Jr. High/High School. That was a load of fun and a nice reminder of just why I love Montgomery so much.

And then yesterday, of course, there was the four hour visit with My Jailed Deaf Dad followed by a nearly three hour dinner “interview” with my mom. Yesterday was overwhelming emotionally — a lot of painful memories and domestic violence mixed in with such fond memories of my life there. A complex oxymoron. Just as I was thinking I need a few days to recover before I get back to the business of writing, I get a phone call from a literary agent. There’s no rest for the weary.

Maybe when I get back from the “Just for Laughs” comedy festival in Montreal I’ll be back to myself. That’s a lot of amazing comedy and networking with the biggest big wigs in the business in one weekend. If I can’t recover after a trip there, then I’m a lost cause.

Check out my blog entries from last year’s festival on the Comedy Central Insider blog.

Feeling confused and melancholy and motivated and excited all at once. I’m a mess.