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>I’m Not Making This Up

>Dating Diary – The Him Book is available on for $26.00. Here’s their description:

A woman’s answer to the “little black book,” the “Him” journal lets you keep track of all the men you’ve dated in one enjoyable resource. With space for contact information, photographs and comments on each man, it’s always handy for personal record keeping, reminiscences and late night booty calls. Was he “charming,” “sensitive,” or did he prompt the question “What was I thinking?” And with over 250 spaces for entries, you’ll have something to shoot for. A great present for the ambitious dater.

Enjoyable resource? Late night booty calls? Ambitious dater? 250 spaces for entries?

Thanks, but I don’t need a journal to remember why I did “it” and why I would or would not do “it” again with someone. I’ll rely on my trusty “spank bank”* for lingering details and save my mom the trouble of finding this crap in the event of my untimely death.

*The term “spank bank” comes from a Christian Finnegan joke.