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>I’m Stoopid


I’m a dum, stoopid fool for not having kept up with Love, Daddy. I had a long, leisurely dinner with Christian tonight to talk about a proposal I’ve been hem-hawing about getting done. This, of course, led me to think of the June 4th reading I’m doing at the People’s Improv Theater and how I should make more effort to memorize pieces. Performing them, I think, will be infinitely better than any reading considering the nature of sign language coupled with my personality. I am sure of this especially after having seen Jonathan Ames a few times now. He left me slack-jawed after I saw him perform on Fresh Meat at Comix.

But about June 4th I thought, “Gosh, I don’t have any new stories to tell.” So I checked out Love, Daddy and proved that I’m an idiot. I’ve visited My Jailed Deaf Dad twice since he shacked up in his Huntsville, Texas abode. Both times I have left with dozens of “WTF?” kinds of tales. I’m gonna hop back on this bandwagon and share some more stories that I hope to lift “from the page to the stage”.

In the meantime, I hope you’ll renew any interest you may have had. And, to ensure a new pot of story telling gold, I’m going back to visit in July. So, mark your calendars. I’m smuggling in a What-A-Burger and my mom’s homeade chocolate chip cookies this time. No more attempts at sneaking in illegal contraband for me. And now that Christian is officially a family member, he gets to sit for four hours in a prison yard in the Houston heat. They don’t talk about that on Best Week Ever, do they?