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>In Case of Emergency

>Gothamist has a brief entry about subway bag checks here in NYC. From the comments, the general consensus is that bag checks — whether you agree with them or not — are a useless show.

I rarely comment on sites, but I did on this one hoping that Gothamist can use their journalistic resources and look into the issue I raised. Here’s my comment:

A potential bonus side effect might be a general decline in subway crime because of the increased police presence. But, yeah, I think bag checking is generally ineffective in preventing terrorism and all for show.

Something I am truly concerned with is why many (most?) doors between cars are locked and marked “Emergency Only.” So, how do you get out of a burning or smoke- or poison-filled car? You don’t. Sometime in the last few days, I read that the MTA has no intention of changing the rule that those doors remain locked citing “daily safety” as the issue. Of course, I now can’t find the article that addressed this but I will be sure to go out of my way to ride in the car with the conductor.