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>In DC

>The sound quality of last night’s CD recording at the DC Improv was amazing. The show was packed with 15 year old “Discovery Kids”, though, so it was an odd audience. That aside, he got in a bunch of material and the first run under his belt. We have lots of meetings planned including a Texan who wants to start a DC chapter of Tex in the City, a woman whose step-sister I want to honor via a fundraising production, Discovery Channel execs and a Comedy Central rep who just happens to be a good friend of ours.

Speaking of Comedy Central, they just posted some ringtones by Christian Finnegan which you can purchase for your mobile. There are two different Morrissey spoofs and even a little poem his dad used to say to him all the time that now Christian & I say around the house all the time.

This one and this one cracked me up. Well, all of them did actually.

You can enjoy them, too. Listen to and/or buy them here.

Yo, yo, yo, I got phone calls.