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I totally forgot to tell you how freaking amazing it was to have Freestyle Love Supreme back at Comix. My pals beat-boxer Chris “Shockwave” Sullivan and Lin-Manuel Miranda (“In the Heights” creator, star and million time Tony winner) were on FIRE. The sold out house was in a frenzy and stuck around after the show to greet the guys. Molly, Shockwave and I spent way too much time at the Hog Pit where $3 PBRs were free flowing.

FLS returns to Comix on Monday the 11th with Utkarsh “UTK” Ambudkar! He was missed last week. And, of course, Shockwave will amaze everyone again. If you haven’t heard, PBS is reviving my all-time favorite show The Electric Company. Shockwave is one of the stars and will be a big star amongst the kids once it debuts in January. Read this NY Times article about the return of the TV classic and this great interview with Shockwave on The Apiary. See him live this Monday at Comix.

From the NY Times:
In a category by himself is the beat-box artist Shockwave (Chris Sullivan). Besides slinging hash at the Electric Diner, he speaks in one-word bursts only — no sentences — and appears in guises like the much missed gorilla and a butcher who cleaves words. But it is his D.J. routine that may be mimicked on playgrounds next year. He appears to be scratching syllables from dueling turntables to form words. It all emanates from his “bruh-bruh-AIN, bruh-bruh-AIN, brain.”

Hey, you guyyyyyyys!!!