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>In the Press

>Check out today’s NY Post to read a feature article by Sara Stewart about the whole underground comedy scene here in NYC. Ballyhoo Promotions, Ochi’s Lounge and Comix are all mentioned and I’m quoted once or twice.

Also a few shows in Ochi’s Lounge are picked as the best bets for laughs, including “The Family Hour” show on which I perform every Friday. Click on the image at right to see the details on those shows and more.

Speaking of “The Family Hour,” the last two Fridays I have written something in about two hours and performed it that night for the first time. I’m usually pretty good the second time I’ve read something but not the first — even if I’ve had time to read it out loud at home first — and especially when I’ve written it just that very afternoon.

As a sign that my confidence is improving, both times I’ve maintained pretty good breathing and didn’t get cotton mouth even though both times I never even read it out loud to myself. This Friday, I will be reading something new as well, but will have to write it soon since Friday I’ll be doing TV and radio with Lenny Clarke of FX’s “Rescue Me” and have a 5:00 AM wake up call. Yuck.

“The Family Hour” will be moving to Thursdays at 7:30 starting March 27th which actually will work out better for me for precisely the above reason. Doing press Friday mornings means I’m usually exhausted and behind on my calls and emails from being away from my desk all day. Having no commitment Friday night means I can head home from press and rest up. Hopefully that will improve the amount of writing I get done on the weekends. Right now, I’ve been getting zilch done.

Speaking of…gotta get cracking. Ugh!