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>Okay, regardless of whether this is the right “forum” or not, I really need to tell of the tragedy that has been enveloped the “entertainment community”. Here’s my hokey headline for a press release: “Being a Comedian is No Laughing Matter” or “Depression: Nothing to Laugh About” — whatever, as long as the point is made that…

Richard Jeni — a talented comedian and friend of many — killed himself. His wake in Brooklyn was today. A few of those who represented him also worked with Brad Delp (lead singer of Boston) who also killed himself. For whatever reason, that news just broke today though we’ve known all along that he took his own life. Also a tragic, sad ending — just more quiet in the news. Then today the wife of a Comix employee suffocated herself with a plastic bag that she taped over her head. She was eight months pregnant.

My friend Molly threw a benefit earlier this year at Comix to raise money and awareness for various forms of mental illness. I want her to do it again. It’s a real thing that devastates so many. If you or anyone you know is suffering from depression, seek help. It’s out there.

I’m leaving for Providence this weekend. I need time away. (Not depressed. Just sad for my friends.)