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>Christian will be on the Today Show tomorrow morning around 8:30, I’m guessing. TBD.

Also tomorrow at 10:20 AM, I’ve booked him on 92.3 Free FM. Listen at [UPDATE: This is going to be rescheduled.]

Watch my pal, NY Post reporter Mandy Stadtmiller, on Good Day New York here:

Last night was a blast with a free showing of Burleigh Grime$. Half the group hated it, some others loved it and a few were somewhere in between. It’s all about Wall Street, so if that world is your style you might dig it. I will say this: the drums were freaking loud. But no one ever really complains when being treated to free the-a-tah.

Afterwards we enjoyed cheap margaritas in the outdoors at Blockheads and watched some young new musical theater graduates showing off with their fancy Broadway dance moves. I threw down my purse and said, “That’s it! I declare a DANCE OFF!” I was going to show them a thing or two! And I proceeded to snap my fingers a la West Side Story. Scott chickened out, though, so the dance off was a bust. Justin, the young grad, was too young, chipper, drunk and fit to be beat by our aged selves. Instead we cleaned their clocks in a drink off.

Can’t dance.