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>It’s a Major Award!

>Did I tell you my friend Sarah won an Emmy? No? Well, she did! She was awarded Outstanding Individual Achievement in Animation for her work on Robot Chicken airing on Adult Swim. So when you’re watching the Emmy Awards this year and they talk about those creative arts awards, pay attention and raise a glass in her honor.

She rules and not just because she’s a winner but because she & Bobbie are the girls who convinced me to go see Portable Comedy where I met Christian. She also gives me a tour and sneak peeks at upcoming episodes every time I’m in LA. Here’s me on the Moral Orel set and here’s another pic of us on the Robot Chicken set.

She gets her golden statue a week to the day after Christian & I wed. Then on August 27th, half of our other wedding guests actually go to the awards as nominees. We have seriously talented friends.

Do you MySpace?

If you have a MySpace page then perhaps you’ve seen Christian on the home page where you sign in. If not, just refresh a few times and he’ll pop up. He reported on the Just for Laughs festival in Montreal and the videos are there for your viewing pleasure. They’ve been there a while, actually, but MySpace has been having major problems. Is it jumping the shark? Anyway, here’s the link to all four videos, two hosted by Christian and the other two by Steve Byrne.