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>It’s a pARTy!

>June 5, 2006 – My first little “Funny Pages” item I wrote will appear on newsstands in the magazine First For Women! Any ideas for future funny stuff? We’re working on the summer issues, so I’m thinking Top 5 Reasons to Celebrate Your Independence (pre-July 4th issue) or Top 5 Reasons to skip fireworks, have a picnic, go someplace cold for vacation…

Tonight – The Oscar Party hits the red carpet. We’ve even got a reporter for the arts section of a major publication *possibly* coming by. Don’t know if she’ll show or actually report on it but we’ll be happy to have her there regardless. Check out yesterday’s blog entry for an update on prizes and what not.

Monday – After the Best Week Ever Today Show appearance, I head over to Chase where I will finalize all the paperwork and banking for my new umbrella company Workshop Creations, LLC which wholly owns Ballyhoo Promotions and Tex in the City. Which reminds me, did you know I’m on the hunt for new productions? Well, I am. I’m in talks with two comedians and two writers for new projects and have signed the new Drink at Work show at Siberia scheduled to premiere on March 27th. Send me an email or mail me your stuff (see my contact page), either way I’ll get back to you.

After signing a gamillion documents at Chase, I’m meeting with the funny & talented Jonny Fido in hopes that he’ll be able to do some small graphic design projects for me, one of which is my and Finny’s “wedding invitations” known to us as “postcard fliers” for our “party”. The other is helping me work on this:

I came up with the whole pARTy thing a long while ago but never implemented it. With tomorrow’s rockin’ Oscar party, that will change. Ultimately, I’m still not sure what I want to do with it. I’m not sold on the “The art of the…” portion but love the “pARTy”. It could be “Welcome to the…” or “It’s a…” or a million other things. The design means nothing right now save for the capitalization. Any ideas are most appreciated.

On a roll!