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>It’s official.

>Keith & I are going down to Dixie. We have booked our flights, reserved our van and room. We leave for Louisiana on October 6th. I’m going to to the doctor tomorrow for Hepatitis A and tetanus vaccinations. I will be taking many photos and video and will be “reporting” on our experience. I’m very much looking forward to getting down and dirty to help some animals in need. Word is that the work is grueling and at times heartbreaking. I hope I’m fit emotionally but I’ve warned Keith to be prepared to see me cry A LOT.

He and I are paying for the trip out of our pockets. Any assistance you can provide would be greatly appreciated. Even $1.00 would help. Also, if you have any affiliations with a vet, doctor, pet company or have other useful supplies, please let me know as we will be taking supplies down with us. For information on where we’ll be and what organizations are in need, visit

If by the 6th, we are not needed or can’t go, your donation will be refunded.